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Wet Look

Wet Look

Wet Look

New pop sensations Wet Look have painted the city with smiles since they were set loose a mere months ago. In the middle of winter we can pretty much fool ourselves into thinking we’re still in the midst of a summer heatwave when we listen to Wet Look. Michael McGaughrin of 1990’s fame steps out fabulously from behind the drum kit to front this new rhythm-tastic outfit. Signing lead with a strut and swagger and backed with slightly off kilter three part female vocal harmonies, Wet Look are joyful and endearing to watch and listen to.

Elements of Tom Tom Club, Magic Kids, and Musical Youth spring to mind in the fun loving way the group play their instruments (synths, keyboards and lots of percussion) and interact on stage. With a bit of Green Door studio tinkering Wet Look get a little dubby round the edges, they also playfully inject a dash of infectious highlife into their weirdo pop sound.


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