Drinkin' Wine Boaty-O-Dee with Neil & Ira Kaplan

Join wine connoisseur, Neil Kaplan, along with his brother, Ira Kaplan of Yo La Tengo, for a wine tasting like none other! It is customary to pair wine and food, but during this unique tasting, Neil and Ira will show you how to see wine in terms of atmosphere, colors, and sounds. Playing off of one another’s expertise, Neil and Ira will pair a series of wines to songs that complement one another. Join them for a foray into sound and wine-scapes, as they ask the musical question of what songs best accompany which wines. 

Neil Kaplan is a highly credentialed wine specialist, a long-time volunteer at WFMU in Jersey City, NJ (USA) and has decades of experience leading wine tastings and seminars.

UPDATE: As of July 17th at 9:05pm BST (4:05pm ET) this Wine Tasting is officially full!  If you missed the chance to add the tasting, you're welcome to come to Drinkin' Wine Boaty-O-Dee on board to inquire about cancellations. Any cancellations will be filled on board only. Thanks to everyone who joined in! The Kaplan brothers are excited to raise a glass with you.  ğŸ·



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